Kara’s second septum piercing ever came out straight as an arrow! Come get pierced by her ASAP! Cute little gold ring by @alchemyadornment

Aria just came in to get her nose pierced but got an adorable 14k yellow gold heart in her daith while she was here!! Did you know each piercing fee covers up to three piercings on one person? The daith hearts are going fast so come in today!! 250-729-9999

Double nostril cuteness with some yellow gold rings from Alchemy Adornment. So pretty!

This cutie came in last week and got a double nostril piercing with a white gold and CZ nostril screw and a white gold hoop from Alchemy Adornment.

This beautiful gal has an ear that looks like it belongs on pinterest! She snazzed it up with a lovely salmon coral gem from neometal, as well as a white gold and genuine turquoise piece in her tragus and a rose gold feather tucked neatly in her helix. Gold pieces are by Alchemy Adornment.

By @chantelleroberge “new tat! officially a crazy cat lady 😻 #love #cat #tattoo #catlove #kitty #obsessed #crazycatlady”